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Department of Arts and Design,National Dong Hwa University

Time (GMT +8:00)

The objectives of the department include:

  1. Involved in research and creation actively and present high teaching outcome and quality.

  2. Strengthen cultural exchanges of art and design between domestic and overseas to expand the breadth of research and thinking. 

  3. Integrate with arts creation and design development to deepen research and thinking.

  4. Integrate with academic research resources and arts & design of eastern Taiwan to achieve creative and innovative development.
Origin and History- [ 2015/10/30 ]

Undergraduate Program: 1993(Department of Art Education) 2006(Department of Arts and Design) 

Graduate Program: 2007 (Master Program of Arts and Technology, Department of Arts and Design)


The teaching goal of the department focuses on students’ self-exploration and self-fulfillment. 
With the simple and natural characteristics of Hualien, they are advantages to guide students turning true emotion into art...